Displaying Email Metadata

We're making some changes to how Yetto handles and displays email metadata, most notably the sender's email address. It's a small update that doesn't affect the functionality of the app, but existing Yetto users will notice that their support tickets look a little different now.

Reasons for the change

About a month ago, we started seeing some validation errors returned from GitHub's API. After a little digging we narrowed down the root cause to long label names in the GitHub issues that Yetto was opening.

Yetto was using labels to store email metadata, namely the sender's email address and the account's forwarding email inbox. Labels allowed Yetto users to search for other issues from the same user by clicking the User: label. Behind the scenes, we used label data to route emails to and from issues.

Based on the errors we were getting from the GitHub API, we discovered that GitHub labels have a maximum limit of 50 characters. Most people and projects probably never reach that limit. In our case, it's common for email addresses to exceed 50 characters (or 44 characters after we include the User: prefix before the address. We brainstormed a bit about how we could provide the same value in a different way, and decided that the email data had to be:

  • Human-readable: A 32 character alpha-numeric string that our app decodes doesn't mean much to real people.
  • Searchable: Our users need to be able to quickly get a list of issues from the same sender.
  • Allow routing to and from GitHub issues and email: The data needed to be stored somewhere that the app could easily retrieve from.

Updates to email metadata handling

Now, new Yetto issues will display the sender's email directly in the original comment of the issue, followed by a link to other issues from that sender. The link in each issue makes searching for related tickets a single click away. The link is a standard GitHub search for the user's email address within your repository, which you can modify as you like.

screenshot of Yetto-created issue in GitHub repository
Screenshot of a support ticket created by Yetto, including the new sender email data

To make this change, some of our routing rules had to change in the app because we can't rely on GitHub label data anymore. Instead, we store that email address data separately to make inbound routing and outbound messaging fast and reliable. Sending and receiving support tickets with Yetto remains as simple to configure and use as before.

Existing users don't need to do anything. Old issues will still have the old label data and won't show the sender email address in the issue comments. However, because the labels aren't used for routing anymore, you can safely delete them if you prefer. Any new issues opened by Yetto, in new and existing accounts, will have the new sender data format.

Not using Yetto yet? Go to the Yetto site and sign up to be a beta customer and start answering support emails directly out of your GitHub repository!