New: multi-repo installations, and more user-requested features!

Yetto is built by a small group of folks who care deeply about helping people use software. Part of caring about people, in software and out, is listening to them. For as long as people will talk to us, we listen to what they're trying to do, what they want to achieve, and what they need to get where they want to go. When building a product, it's easy to get stuck thinking about what you're building and how people might use it. We think it's important to get out of our heads and talk to people about what they're trying to accomplish before we decide how our product fits into their lives.

We created Yetto to reduce the friction of handling technical support emails for small teams, and we have a roadmap of features that we hope will help people. We released Yetto as a beta product to a handful of people a month and a half ago. Since then, we've been listening to people about how they communicate with their customers. The things we've learned so far have been tremendously helpful. Fortunately, our ideas seem to be headed in the right direction. We've been able to direct our energy into the features and functionality that are most important to those who've given us their time and feedback.

This week, we're releasing a couple of new features that we think will make Yetto a more vital tool in your team's software kit.

Multi-Repository Support

On first release, Yetto worked with a single repository in your GitHub account. This was our MVP*, allowing teams to connect their customer-facing support email address to a GitHub repository. We knew people might want to use multiple repositories, each connected to a different inbox (e.g., sales, customer success, premium support, etc.) but we thought a single repository would be enough for people to test the functionality and get us some feedback. What we heard, though, was that people need more. Even very small companies and teams use multiple inboxes, and using Yetto with only one of them was limiting and not valuable.

Now, when you set up Yetto on GitHub, you can connect any number of repositories on your account. We'll use your custom email address to route your incoming email messages to issues. If you have inboxes for support, customer success, sales engineers, marketing, or even your company mascot, you can hook them all up to Yetto and keep all of your internal and external communications in GitHub. You can learn more about how it works and how to configure it in our documentation.

Customizable Email Names

Along with multi-repository configurations, people want to customize their Yetto email addresses, which are the addresses that people see when you use Yetto to respond to them. We generate the email alias and From name based on your repository and GitHub account names. A GitHub owner-and-repository pair of Tony-Bologna/bologna-support is mapped to Tony-Bologna via Yetto <>, for example. However, you might want to make the name more recognizable to your customers. Now you can customize them per repository, so your emails can be sent from Tony Bologna <>.

row of mailboxes on the side of a road
Photo by Philippe Krief on Unsplash

Thanks to everyone who's talked to us, given us feedback, and walked us through their team's needs. Yetto users, potential users, interested friends and acquaintances, you've all been incredibly helpful so far. Our goal is to help reduce friction for support teams, so if you want to tell us where your friction is, we want to hear it.

To sign up for a beta Yetto account, go to and enter your email address in the signup form. If you have any questions or feedback or maybe just a fun story to share, we'd love to chat.

* MVP = most valuable product